Custom Order Attributes

Custom Order Attributes

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Order Attributes extension can let you gather effectively order information together and take necessarily all advantages of them by applying custom fields to checkout page. It can help you to take all the order data you need during checkout and process orders faster.

  • Gathering completely order-related information together

  • Enhancing order processing much quickly without losing money

  • Increasing customer satisfaction efficiently with faster order completion

  • Building a wide amount of fields for checkout pages

Compatible with Magento

  • Community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x
  • Enterprise: 1.9.x - 1.14.x

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Feature Highlights

To have more advantageous order data management you should enhance attributes to the order grid

  • To perform all essential attributes in one place and take a convenient access path to the data you should apply fields to Magento order grid
  • Categorizing and dividing orders by the custom attributes can make it easier to do a report.
Custom Order Attributes

Be able to use failure values

  • Don't hesitate to add automatically default value for cases, whether the attribute field was not completed totally or when people set for the attribute not to be visible on front end.

Combined totally with admin order foundation and editing

  • If you want to build orders from admin panel you can put completely in custom Magento order attributes
  • After the order was put in a particular position, right from the order view page in admin panel you can edit order attributes' values
  • If an order is completely edited, it will make copy for all the attributes and move them into a new order

Modify admin roles in spite of further

  • It is able for you to divide control of permissions for editing attributes within an order. This characteristic is so helpful especially when you have many store admins to do a varied number of works
  • So now you are able to hand pick the users who could be enable to to edit order attributes, and put a limit on this possibility for others

Building values stably can be maintained for future checkouts

  • You maybe wonder why it is useful. The customers who have registered will not need to get into the same information with each order.

Keep safe for created attribute values

  • If there is something going wrong When you try to make a new order in the backend you should restore all order attribute values

Having calendar to make date type order attributes new is possible

  • Calendar can create a lot of useful option for admin users who can quickly identify clearly and definitely all date type attributes when they are building orders in the backend.

Applying a huge type of fields as you want

  • Putting a large amount of Magento custom checkout fields is possible.
  • There are acceptable field types including: text field, dropdown, checkboxes, dependable dropdowns, date with time, radio buttons and a lot of other types
  • At the present It is possible for you to upload the file that is inputted. It is also able for customers to upload or attach files during the checkout process on any checkout step.

Applying the attributes in e-mails and PDF docs

  • All the order-related emails and PDF documents such as shipment emails, invoices and packing slips can be used with the fields

Attribute display has a number of Flexible conditions

  • In order to display the fields you can select which store views. the attributes on order view pages both to admins and customers are also impossible for you to display

Put custom attributes into HTML print-outs

  • If you want to HTML print-out documents on the customer order confirmation page you can input any order attributes

According to selected shipping method It can perform attributes

  • If there is just a specific shipping method which is selected, you can show additional attributes. For example when a customer selects delivery method by their own it will display a field for Magento order comments

Developed extension characteristics

  • Help Paypal Express checkout much effectively
  • In any email template which has order object (for example order confirmation email) it can use Magento order notes with possibility to process them by functions.
  • The worth of custom order attributes is able to be used through Magento API with "" method. It can work on both through SOAP and XML-RPC.

Let's watch some more extension solutions for gathering order information

  • Order attributes functionality is compatible with One Step Checkout extension
  • Therefore it is available when you want to place additional fields on Magento custom checkout page on which there are 6 standard Magento checkout steps being shown on one page and that can help you to configure them basing on all your requirements.
  • In addition, it also has Customer Attributes extension that is one of the extension for collecting customer information
  • All other information you may need such as age, preferences and interests of customers, receive documents could be performed on Place fields on registration page
  • After customers or admins have created any orders you are able to make some memos, apply important data (like processing or actual shipping dates) for these kind of orders via Order Memos and Attachments module

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