Custom Product Labels

Custom Product Labels

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Custom product labels with brilliant ribbons will take customer attention and become exactly Best Seller. It is extremely popular for customers to pick with limited edition and 100% Natural. It has new arrival, with special offer we will sale % off, free shipping, etc

  • Make elegant labels in abundant shapes and colors as much as you want

  • With coming out of box you can use sticker collection

  • For label previewing you will have a lot of rule which are automatic and manual

  • Design a large number of labels

Compatible with Magento

  • Community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x
  • Enterprise: 1.9.x - 1.14.x

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Feature Highlights

With the special offers it can pull-in customer's notice

  • It will be automatic to figure out and perform discount percent or flat amount for the extension which is basing on the the difference between special and regular price. If discount quantities are decimal figure, they will use one of three algorithms to round

Strongly Underline Magento's new product

  • You can put some texts like "Special 50% Discount!' on the Magento image label. According to the variable the number of days could be indicated. Some other texts like 'New From' and 'New to' dates for a product can be inputted or you can use the amount of days after creating product process when they can consider a new item.

Simple to conduct labels

  • By mass actions right from the labels grid you can Change status, activate or deactivate and delete labels as you want
  • To be more convenient you can browse labels by producing and categorizing pages text. You also can have a copy so quickly if you want to get similar one with only minor tweaks. The duplication will become visible on the grid with inactive status.

Display label according to product attributes

  • With a certain price range the label only for products will be shown out.
  • Pointing out the price e.g. base price, special price, etc. that stick with this option is all you need to do

To perform label you can set up priorities or hide labels with lower priority

  • You can design more than one ribbon for the product. When you have a wide amount of stickers you should establish priorities.
  • If one of your product is already set higher priority you can hide low-priority labels

Make customers get easier to find fast product that they need

  • Basing on product attributes it will display different labels. For example , if you input 'Nike' or 'Apple' logos onto all products by these manufacturers or add the "Intel inside" label for all products which includes " "Intel" as processor attribute.

Encourage your customers to purchase

  • Attract customers' attention to products with low money investment
  • Apply some stickers like 'Almost gone!' or 'Only 3 left!' and purchase can become cheer up.
  • Giving out a slogan 'Display if stock is lower than' for visitors who have low income status

Perform labels according to A large number of conditions

  • To show labels you can use any condition combination. For example, when you display label for products that will require the following conditions: a) have special price, b) are not new, c) belong to 'Shoes' category, d) are of black color, e) are in stock, f) sku is not Gucci or Armani.Then you should choose

A wide variety of labels

  • In the same time you can have how many labels as you want and you can also put multiple labels for each product. For instance, adding '5-year guarantee', '100% recyclable' and 'Save 30%' stickers simultaneously for certain product is acceptable.

Group labels with associated products on pages of parent products

  • To put and group products together in a particular form they design specifically this kind of feature
  • As you can see there's a Magneto product ribbon or label for simple product, which is part of configurable.
  • If they give the authority for this option, theribbon/label will be shown both on the simple product and on the configurable product associated with it.

According to category you can perform Magento product labels

  • When you want to organize a label you can decide a type of products of category which should be applied. For instance, when you are going to make a promotion for a type of shirts, then you have to highlight all items from this category by assign label to 'Shirts' category

Concentrate on customer group to display labels for

  • A lot of special groups of customers (e.g. General, Wholesale, VIP Member, Private Sales Member) are acceptable to display label. Therefore if you have sale program for those customers, you can perform label just for them

Applying varied photos and text for category and product pages

  • Don't hesitate when you use bigger label images and longer texts on product pages and smaller badges and shorter texts on category and find out results pages
  • It is also possible for you to create text labels only with a catchy text slogan, without photos.

All separate products can be inputted or taken away

  • By poitting out product attributes, category or other standards it is able for you to confirm automatically labels to discount products in Magento
  • You also can apply labels to particular items by indicating their SKUs

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